Free Sample of Prilosec OTC!

Free Sample of Prilosec OTC!
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Moms, you know the symptoms: That burning sensation in your chest that kicks in right after you polish off the jalapeño burrito you wanted to try. Or that feeling of having food stuck in your throat. Or the chest discomfort when you bend over or lie down. And that glass of milk just isn’t helping.

Heartburn is no joke, and it affects an estimated 1 out of every 5 Americans once a week, according to WebMD. And roughly 25 million American adults suffer heartburn on a daily basis. So when Prilosec OTC tells you it offers proven 24-hour heartburn protection, it’s worth a closer look. Especially when they’re giving you a free sample!

Click on this amazing deal to register and get yours in the mail,  and enjoy 24 hours of protection from heartburn, on the house from the folks at Prilosec OTC.

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