Join Similac StrongMoms for Free Gifts and Coupons

Join Similac StrongMoms for Free Gifts and Coupons
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For more than 85 years, moms around the country have sworn by Similac®, the #1 baby formula brand in the U.S. From prenatal care to toddler nutrition, Similac has you and your baby in good hands.

And with this offer, you can enjoy a variety of the free gifts and coupons when you sign up for Similac® StrongMoms®. Membership is free, and will provide you with tips and guidance during your pregnancy as well as live one-on-one nutritional support from their FeedingExpert team and monthly emails and advice.

And through this deal, you’ll  get a Free Shutterfly Pregnancy Journal photo book, and up to 9 in free gifts and coupons, including a messenger bag, formula, breast milk storage bottle, vitamins and more.

Become a Similac StrongMoms today and get advice, nutrition and free perks to help your baby get off to a healthy start.

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