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 Off Blue Buffalo Dog Food
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“What should I feed my dog?” It’s a question you’ve probably asked your veterinarian at least once… and the real answer is, it depends on the dog. But the consensus from most experts is: start with real meat, make sure there’s enough protein, and include plenty of carbs, minerals and vitamins. In other words, Fido’s diet deserves as much good food and nutrition as the rest of the family.

And that makes this comparison of Blue Buffalo Dog Food against leading brands a real eye-opener. With its guarantee of real meat-based food, veggies and fruits, and no artificial coloring, flavors, preservatives, poultry byproducts, corn, wheat or soy, Blue Buffalo is all about giving your pet a balanced, healthy diet.

And it’s betting Fido will agree. That’s why Blue Buffalo is offering to mail you a coupon for off your next purchase of any of its dog food. Just fill out the details and enjoy off Blue Buffalo dry dog food, as well as coupons for canned food and dog treats.

Send in for your coupon and give your dog an extra tail wag with a meal fit for a family member.

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